paper: T'was the Night before Kickoff Poem

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T’was the Night before Kickoff Poem
by: Jim Zondag

Poem written and recited on 1-5-2012 EWCP cast.

Remember, I am an Engineer, not a Poet.
But I do believe in having highly diverse interests and skills
Enjoy! Good Luck to all in 2012.

Twas the night before Kickoff.docx (18.1 KB)

Thanks Jim! Best poem ever! :smiley:

Posted as promised on tonight’s 'cast.
Enjoy and Good Luck to all teams in 2012.

This makes me sooo happy! ahaha :smiley:

Best line in the poem:

We won’t build these robots, but we hope that some do.

How long did it take you to write that?

It was awesome!

BEST POEM EVER!!! I am going to pirnt this out and put it in my team’s build room if that is all right with you.

i really enjoyed it. im going to share it with my team

hahaha this is SO true. :smiley: nice job!

There is so much awesome poured into this poem. Thanks!

That was awesome and now definitely cant wait until tomorrow.

That was an amazing poem, very clever!

so clever! nicely done! “upvote” for you!

I remembered these poems from previous years and was actually anticipating the kick off eve more than the kick off just to be able to read the next chapter. Thank you for this great tradition.

Here’s another one written last year by one of our mentors.

ahahaha! This is great!! thank you so much!

You are awesome. :slight_smile:

i love this soooo much…it’s now on my u.s.b., i’m showing everybody :slight_smile: