paper: Using 4 AWG with the Anderson SB50


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Using 4 AWG with the Anderson SB50
by: Nate Laverdure

The crimp contacts used with the Anderson SB50 connector are sized for up to 6 AWG cable. Let’s swage them to fit 4 AWG!


4awg into SB50 rev1.pdf (1.52 MB)

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Hi Nate,
Do you have a drawing of your swaging tool end?
Is it just a straight cylinder with a rounded end?
I’m not familiar with “standard dimensions” for these types of tools.


Big props to Triple Helix and this paper for getting us to check this out and attempt it ourselves.


Yep! The picture on the bottom of page 3 shows a cylinder with diameter 0.245 in and a 45-deg chamfer about 20% of the size of the diameter. This worked just OK-- the ID of the fitting swaged out a bit too much. Then we turned the chamfer into a radius, and that worked much better.