paper: VCU Friday stats

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VCU Friday stats
by: StephLee

Overall stats from Friday matches of the VCU regional.

Includes red/blue keeper/ringer/bonus/score information for each match, spoilers thrown out and spoilers on the rack, autonomous modes where a robot moved, and autonomous modes where a robot was in possession of a keeper. Will be updated with Saturday information when available.

VCU general stats.xls (21.5 KB)

Thanks for posting.

There is an error in the average ringers per alliance. Since the average function skips blank cells, it skips every time the alliance gets 0 ringers, artificially inflating the average. The correct number is 1.68 ringers per alliance.

In a slightly shameless plug, match information from all of VCU’s qualifiers (and soon to be elims) can be found on the TBA TV Match Archive System. Video will hopefully be coming some time next week.