paper: Visual Center of Gravity Calculator

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Visual Center of Gravity Calculator
by: Ben Martin

This spreadsheet allows one to visualize the center of gravity of an approximated robot.

This is a quick macro spreadsheet I put together to allow our students to visually picture the center of gravity for different types of robots. It uses Excel colors to subdivide different subsystems.

Visual Center of Gravity.xlsm (37.6 KB)


  • Add whatever colors and weights to the list on the far right
  • Use the excel “zoom” feature in the bottom right to help get around the worksheet
  • Everything has range names–change formatting as you wish for everything that doesn’t have a “named” range
  • Everything is weighted equally across a color. So, if your arm stretches across across the page, each cell in the arm will carry equal weight. If one part of your subsystem is heavier than another, you can split them into separate subsystems.
  • Each square on the map represents one inch

Thanks for sharing

We typically just CAD the robot and calculate CG.