paper: Waypoint trajectory demo java applet

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Waypoint trajectory demo java applet
by: RyanCahoon

Java applet for experimenting with trajectory generation from waypoints using different interpolation methods. Source, online version available.

A java applet I made up to experiment with waypoint-based trajectory generation for robots. Includes bezier, parabolic, and cubic spline interpolation methods.

I’ve tried to separate out the trajectory generation code from the applet/display code (which gets messy in places) to make reading easier. Code is commented.

Instructions for use are included in the applet itself (displays at start or press ‘H’). Online version at (15.1 KB)

General idea could be applied to a robot by using a gyro and encoders to track (x,y) position on the field and running a PID loop, perhaps somewhat similar to line following. However, this code has not been tested with a real robot, and would probably need some modification for use in that purpose (I have a feeling that velocities would need to be controlled better). This applet should hopefully provide a starting point however.