paper: Week 2 Vex Game: Ultimate 4 Square

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Week 2 Vex Game: Ultimate 4 Square
by: Alex Cormier

It’s a vex game me and Greg Perkins designed for a robotics camp. It is a mix from FRC2003 and FRC2006. It includes, 4 shooting squares, ramps, platforms, golf whiffle balls and high goals.

…The game is played on a 120" by 95" carpeted playing field. Teams will play in alliances comprised of two robots for a total of 4 robots on the field at once. The object is to score the waffle balls by either shooting them from the ground level into either goal, middle two squares on the platform, outer two squares on the platform or having a robot on the inner two squares at the end of the match. Scoring from the ground level is worth 1 point, scoring from the inner two squares on the platform is worth 3 points and scoring from the outer squares on the platform are worth 5 points each. At the end of the match if a robot is in one of the two inner squares it obtains an extra 15 points…

Ultimate 4 Square Vex Game.doc (93 KB)