paper: Week5 Twitter data analyses

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Week5 Twitter data analyses
by: Ether

[b]Analyses use Twitter data as of 3/30 16:22:06 ET

(revB includes OHCI & MIWAT)[/b]



[/I][center][SIZE=“4”]THE USUAL TWITTER DATA CAVEATS APPLY[/SIZE] :slight_smile:[/center]

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OPR model merit function comparison.pdf (79.8 KB)
Weeks 1-5 OPR CCWM EPA (273 KB)
Weeks 1-5 WLT (78.6 KB)
Qual & Elim stats & (141 KB)
Qual & Elim stats & histograms (7.25 KB)
Weeks 1-5 OPR CCWM EPA (275 KB)