paper: Week6 Twitter data analyses

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Week6 Twitter data analyses
by: Ether

Stats, histogram & ogive data, OPR, CCWM, EPA, WLT foul analysis, etc



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*** The usual Twitter data caveats apply ***

[color=“Red”]Note: CSV files open directly in Excel if you set the file association.[/color]


Weeks 1-6 OPR CCWM EPA (Quals finished).CSV (347 KB)
Weeks 1-6 stats & hist (3.93 KB)
WLT foul analysis (Week6 Qual data only).CSV (9.98 KB)
Weeks1-6 non-tied Qual histogram and ogive (8.96 KB)
Effect of fouls on Week6 Elim matches.CSV (4.88 KB)
Weeks 1-6 Elim stats, histogram, and ogive (7.5 KB)