paper: What to REALLY do with your Chairman's Award Presentation

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What to REALLY do with your Chairman’s Award Presentation
by: Rich Kressly

Attached are the ppt slides for a school board presentation our Tech Ed / Tech & Engineering Club folks delivered to the LMSD School Board and public on Monday 5/10. Flash. Full length video available at: - our portion is from 34:15 to 66:55.

At the heart of this effort was 1712’s Chairman’s Award presentation, verbatim - save a few times we needed to explain things for the audience (maybe 4-5 minor tweaks). The presentation includes two teachers, one Lockheed Engineer, one club alum, and five students - one talking about our club in general, three focusing on our robotics team growth and efforts (aka our CA presentation), and one talking about the TSA side of our club. A short robot demo is at the end of the sequence.

The attached ppt is low res form (all slides are images), so if you have a need for a high res, editable version let me know via pm.

Enjoy, get something from it, and carry it forward to better inform your community in whatever way makes the largest impact.

board_pres_lmhs_tech_enginnering_lowres.ppt (1.61 MB)

Here’s a better link to the video…

  • our portion is from 34:15 to 66:55.

The feedback we received from board members and administrators was incredible. Stuff like “…that was the best presentation I’ve see in my 6.5 years here…” and the like. Keep in mind, we operate in a very high profile school district that produces double digit merit scholars every year. These people are not, generally, very impressed with much.

It seems as though we hit some high notes that are resonating in our community and we hope there is a thing or two you can use, too.

The powerpoint slides were not part of our original Chairman’s presentation, but the visuals on the table to the left were and as stated before, the script was VERY close to verbatim. Oh yeah, Delia wore her Chuck Taylor’s and Anna rolled up her sleeves and wore a T-Wrench in her hair for the occasion, too. Both very fitting, I thought :slight_smile:

An excellent idea for every team. We did this last year and will be playing our new video for the board on May 24th.
It does open up some eyes that could be very important to your team’s future.

Pressing and impressing decision makers, policy makers, etc is an excellent use of the Chairman’s Award.

It is a very effective way to push the message forward when done well. It has worked well for us in the past and we have presentations lined up all summer long. It is one of the elements of our ‘road show’.

Good stuff Rich !