paper: Woodlawn High School's Robotics Academy Grant

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Woodlawn High School’s Robotics Academy Grant
by: MysterE

Attached is the 56k grant summary and budget narrative that Woodlawn High School submitted to the American Honda Foundation.

Hi all,

I am working on getting a grant from the American Honda Foundation to establish two robotics classes at our school. I wanted to post both the grant summary as well as the budget narrative for those of you who may not have written a large grant before. Feel free to leave comments.

WHS Robotics Academy Grant Summary.pdf (419 KB)
Robotics Academy Budget with Narrative.pdf (402 KB)

I would appreciate any comments you could provide. Thanks all.

Very good paper. I like how you provide a picture of the current situation and how the program can help improve the situation. A couple suggestions :

  • Have a long term goal in which can be measurable. A example would be that by 2016, 30% of the students that scores bellow on the GEE test will be enrolled on the program. Or that the overall score of the school will improve by %.

  • Have an estimate of the total cost of the program. Including re-ocurring cost such as food at “graduation ceremony”…

Overall great, solid paper. I am currently working with BAEO St. Louis to implement a robotics program here in Missouri, if successful hopefully we will see it in your area, and maybe we can one day have a telecom for us all to get together and share our experiences.