Paper work and story boards

I know that in the past years each team was required to submit paper work and story boards with there animation. Where is the paper work for this year? normally it’s due before the animation is due. And where are we uploading this information?

I can’t find anything about the paperwork. Since an adult member of FIRSTbase has to upload the animation submission, there may be online paperwork.

FIRST also took down the AVA Paperwork Due date off of their Calendar of Important Deadlines:

This year the paperwork is due on the the same date as the animation - Feb. 16.

It’s supposed to be saved at Autodesk’s new FIRSTbase website. They haven’t quite worked out the uploading process, but I’m sure they’ll have it ready by the 16th.

If it’s ready by the 16th, we’re all disqualified XD, Our expected size of our animations will be more than 100MB and it takes quite a while to upload, lol!