paper: Wrist pitch simulation

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Wrist pitch simulation
by: phargo#1018

Attached is a numerical simulation of a wrist pitch mechanism.

The numerical simulation is driven from user data entries.
On the ‘PitchParameters’ tab, the user can select Motor (or motors), GearBoxes, Battery parameters, Control parameters, and Wiring parameters.

This was used to select the design point for the wrist pitch mechanism for FRC 1018 this season.

WristPitchActuation_180523.xlsx (2.99 MB)

Attached is this year’s update to the simulation.

Our team used this tool to justify changing from a MiniCIM drive motor to a bagmotor. The tool also allows the user to investigate gear reduction choices that are required to make the faster motor work with the mechanism. Since we used belt pulleys for the final drive connection, these components are included as well.

Enjoy and ask questions.
Thanks for investigating!

WristPitchActuation_191227.xlsx (4.7 MB)