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Xbox map file
by: Spencer E.

A header file I’ve written that maps all the buttons of the Xbox 360 controller to the OI using simple definitions so it’s easier to identify while coding.

This header file maps all of the buttons of the Xbox 360 controller to the OI according to the user manual provided by IFI Robotics. You can easily change the mapping for which port the chicklet is in and supports all 4 modes the chicklet has built-in. I mostly made this so I didn’t have to refer to the chart on the IFI website while programming. Hopefully some teams find a use for this! If you find any errors or have any suggestions, feel free to give your input.

I’ve added instructions as to how to configure your chicklet to work with this header file

Sorry guys, I realized there was a huge mistake here. Whenever you had called the digital inputs (A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, ect.) that used either Aux or Wheel it would return 128, 64, 32 or 16 respectively. I’ve fixed that so now it will either return 1 or 0 when called.

Everything works as it should, if anymore problems arise send me a message (1.41 KB) (2.39 KB) (2.43 KB) (1.34 KB)

I hope this controller map helps at least a couple of people :slight_smile: . I’m not 100% sure this works fully yet because we have yet to receive our chicklet but, if the mapping is the same as the computer, this should work. It’d be much appreciated if you guys could give me input as to how well you find this works and if there are any errors, thanks!