paper: ZebraReality 0.1-0.3

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ZebraReality 0.1-0.3
by: Forrest_Hurley

Team 900’s first exploration of virtual reality. It’s like Zork, but better!

Team 900 has lots of programmers. A positive cornucopia of programmers. Unfortunately, this often leaves us short on the mechanical side of things. Even after we get our robot built, the lack of a convenient practice field makes it difficult to test all of our robot’s functionality or train drivers.
In 2017 we decided to program a world where reality isn’t an issue.
Our first year exploring VR ended relatively successfully. Our driver quickly adapted to a variety of field conditions and his clever maneuvering improved our score in several cases. We went through three iterations of the simulation, primarily rebuilding the robot drivetrains, and finally reached a stable model.

zebrareality0-1.pdf (7.84 MB)

In continuing with our Star Wars theme, I just want to say that we’re really proud of this technological terror that we’ve constructed and that the ability to simulate a robot is insignificant next to the power of our students.

Sooooo you basically did what Synthesis has been doing but in the Unreal Engine.


Wow this is awesome! We played with the idea of doing this and even spent a little bit of time working on the models but never finished anything. Really cool!

At first I thought this would be a paper explaining how to see the world through the twisted alternate reality of a Zebracorns student. Then I realized that’s impossible.

Turns out I wasn’t so far off in the end.

I had the privilege to try this out in Houston. It’s the real deal. One match of it and I was raving about it to all kinds of people.

As to the thought of multiplayer, I bet you could get 80% of the benefit just getting one additional robot running around. That’s enough to simulate a lot of defense strategies, traffic flow around scoring locations, and even some endgames like in 2012.

I seriously thought about getting Andy to provide a quote for this paper but I think I’m going to roll with “it’s like Synthesis, except in unreal” from now on. :rolleyes: