PaPPy's Now Playing Sig

Not sure if this is right place but couldnt find any other place, so here I go.

Ok finally i got off my butt and finished off this project, that I have been working on for a while.

Here is the info on it:

there are 3 differnt versions
winamp, itunes (now works with all versions) for now, and windows media player

what the this is allows is for you to play music and have it attached to ur sig picture and its updated every time you change songs

(see my sig below for example)

if u notice any bugs reply here, PM me or email me

if you choose to use this program and want the color of the text changed or the physical location changed please let me know either by a PM or a reply or by email

also let me know what u think!!!


Good job, a few things:

  • Uggghhh, the window extension slow thinger. Please, get rid of it.
  • Why are you sending a GET command when you send the data to the webserver? Semantically, you should use POST.
  • Why the web-browser component? I’d recommend inet, but WinSock is always fun to learn.
  • Your online script is way succeptible to SQL injection. I tried a few things, and couldn’t determine any table/field names (my SQL is a tad rusty) but was able to input commands of my own (just couldn’t do anything without table/field names)

Otherwise, good job. Looks like a fun little script.

still new to programming and everything with sql, id appricate anything to make it more secure

i dont use any get or post that i know of. it just sends via the address

the reason i created it was because a friend on another bored found the exact same thing but the site was charging 5 bucks a month