Papst 4112 N/12GL fans

Hey guys,

I recently got 10 or so Papst fans from old cooling parts form AS/400 IBM servers, and they are the exact same model and type as the ones that came in the KOP this year.

I am looking for information regarding what type of signal the white wire will give me, and wether or not I can plug this straight into a computers motherboard and get information from it.

Right now I am looking to use them as a nice and easy way to cool my PC, because of the fact that they are so big, you can run them at a low RPM and still get really good airflow out of them.

I have found quite a bit of information on the 4100 series fans, but no white wire information, and no exact specs of the one I have. For some reason Papst seems to not acknowledge that it has ever created the 4112 N/12GL fans running at 1.6 Watts.

Bert JW Regeer

Pabst and EBM merged a few years ago. You might find what you need here…
Home page is at…

Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted.

White wire gives me a pulse twice every rotation.