I was just wondering if any other teams participated in any parades during the year! Team 237 is going to be in our town’s memorial day parade this year to kick off the summer!!

w00t to Summer!!! Boo to the off season!

umm…we do our schools homecomming, does that count?

We’re gonna be in both our cities memorial day parades.

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**We’re gonna be in both our cities memorial day parades. **

I don’t think Ogre mentioned we’ll be riding in Cameros… :smiley:

I walk along the path of the Tapesry of Dreams parade at Epcot, does that count?

The Richomond VA “parade” is a oddly collected group of Jimmy Dean (yes, we are that low on the Proazoic table), Radio DJ’s, and if were lucky, the govenor. Not a sign of a robot in sight.

Every year my team is in two parades, the holiday Parade and the 4th of July Parade, if anyone is interested in being in the 4th of July Parade with us this summer just let me know!!! After the Parade we’ll be running demos to raise interest, its always a good time!!!

oooo, I can see it now. A line of segway-riding, robot-building teenagers leading a parade, followed closely by their robot. Ah, if only it could be …

segways are awesome, i would go in any parade if i could ride one again

Yeah, we made a float for our Holland (MI) “Tulip Time” Festival. It rained and it was freezing on the day of the parade, however, and I don’t think the students that were on it had a very good time.

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**segways are awesome, i would go in any parade if i could ride one again **

Sigh, ya, I’ll go in one to ride “IT” for a while (without limmits and that annoying lady!)

I’d love to ride in a parade with our bot ridin high in the back of my dads new FORD STREET LIGHTNING SVT!! Lets see your cameros race this baby, fastest production truck on the planet. 385 horses, 450 ft/lb torque, 8 or 12 lb supercharger… and i think it gets like 10 mpg… grin Lets see if our robot does 0 - 60 in like 4 seconds… hahaha…raw power right there… i’d love to put that engine in our bot and then move the goals.

The last parade our team did was 1998(?) Haynes Apperson Festival (AKA 4th of July Parade) where someone drove our National Champion bot down Main Street of Kokomo…thats the last parade i remember ever hearing or seeing anything about…

We participate in our city’s flag day parade. This year it happens on June 8th I believe…

We were in our states Police Parade which was earlier this month. It was a lot of fun and good publicity.

We usually go into our school’s Homecoming parade with the Bot on a trailor. This year I think we are trying to get into the Memorial day parade as well!

We had our 2000 robot in the homecoming parade, but I think they blew a motor doing that so we hadn’t done it again, but this years robot seems a little more ‘robust’ so I think we’ll do it again, but I’ll be in the band so I’ll have to watch it go around.