Paragraph Essays from a few years ago still happening?

I remember a few years ago (2014) teams were asked to submit the following essays but I can’t find the current rules on them now. Is FIRST still asking for them?

  • Team History Essay
  • Efforts in Promoting STEM Education Essay
  • Team’s Community Involvement
  • Team’s Strengths
  • Most Significant Challenge Overcome
  • Robot and Game Strategy
  • Team Effort in Promoting FIRST

These were very limited in their length. They ended up being only about a paragraph long.

Uhhh are you referring to the Executive Summary questions for the Chairman’s award?

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That’s it. So as a rookie team we won’t be required to do them right? Doesn’t mean we can’t of course. :smile:

This is a component of the Chairman’s Award submission, required only for teams who submit for the award. Review the eligibility and criteria for the Chairman’s Award to determine whether or not you can and should apply.

You are correct that FIRST used to ask that all teams fill out these questions, not just teams submitting for the Chairman’s Award. I believe the answers to these questions were limited to only 250 characters and were integrated into TIMS. I don’t believe they’ve been asked for the past few years.

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Not sure what year it stopped, but I’m almost certain that it wasn’t required in 2015 except as a component of Chairman’s. But that’s a big, uncertain almost certain.

It is highly encouraged.

NASA grant recipients are REQUIRED to submit a Chairman’s essay. I see your team has NASA listed as a donor, so yes you will be required to submit an essay to NASA via the grant portal.

If you are already writing an essay for NASA, might as well submit it to FIRST as well.

I want to emphasize though that as a NASA grant recipient you have until June to upload your essay to the NASA grant portal.

If you don’t know which portal I’m referring to, please PM me and I can assist you. We also received a NASA grant this year and are submitting our essay to them.

When we work with Rookie teams or even mentor veteran teams we highly encourage them to submit for Chairman’s. We believe it is a valuable tool that helps to pave the way for the teams throughout the first few years - whether they realize it or not. Many state “we won’t win Chairman’s, why try” - and they most often are correct. However, doing the work does pay off in most cases. The teams that have done Chairman’s have never complained AFTER the submission, only before (and don’t we all complain about it?).

The executive summary offers great prompts that can act as a pathway forward on how to build the team and as a guide for creating outreach events. The essay provides a platform for the students and mentors to think introspectively on what is important for their team.

The presentation adds a new wrinkle to the team - and adds more roles that students can glom onto. The same for the Video. Many opportunities for those students that want to be on the team, but don’t want to be in the shop with the robot.

If you have any questions, please PM me. We have a long history working with teams (especially rookies) on their Chairman’s submission.

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