Parallax servo speed

Does anyone have spec’s on the rated (no load) speed for the Parallax 180 degree servos that Digikey carries? I don’t see it on the data sheet. I just sent them a note to ask for it.

I believe they are (or at least used to be) mostly a standard Futab servo. Maybe take a look at the specs for a Futaba standard servo?

Just got a note back from Parallax with the answer 5 MPH :confused:

I called them and they said it is a Futaba S148 servo; Futaba shows that to be 0.22 seconds per 60 degrees, so with torque at 41.7 oz-in it works out to about 1.4W.

Question for the LRI’s:

I can show documentation for the specs on the Futaba S148 servo - they are available on their website.

I have the word of Dave Andreae at Parallax Tech Support (over the phone) that their 900-00005 servo is a Futaba S148 servo. I don’t have anything in writing to that effect, and I don’t see any markings on the servo that indicate that.

If I sign our sheet that says we built the robot within the rules, is that sufficient to close the loop on documentation?