parallax stamp and roboteq ax2550 seaholm

seaohlm is working on segway like device, balancing robot. we are currently using a parallax stamp bs2 microcontroller connected to a roboteq motorcontroller(ax2550) we are having difficulty with programming stamp to output data via rs232 in readeable format to ax2550. I think we need someone who i really good with stamp programming to help.
link below is to parallax forum with info about our project.


Does the AX2550 accept digital rs232? The stamp only outputs a 0 - 5V rs232 swing and you may need to add a maxim chip to do a level up conversion for “true” rs232.

You may also need a pull up or pull down resistor as documented in the SEROUT help file depending how you have it configured.

You seem to be reading a pulse that ranges from about 1.7ms to 2.25 ms, then trying to normalize it with a base of 2180 so a range of 0 - 639 (2819 - 2180) multiply by 26112 taking the top 16 bits (effectively dividing by 64K) so you range from 0 to about 255 and subtract 127 which means you will have a value that ranges from 0-127. Were you trying to make a virtual joystick? Just curious.