Parameters [Dimensions] for the controls?

Does anybody know the actual parameters for the Operator interface and the Joysticks? Thanks.

It sounds like you could use some time reviewing the Operator Interface documentation available on the IFI Robotics web site. Page 5 gives a good summary of what you can connect to it.

Here’s the wiring data on the OLDER CH Flightsticks, to see how they map out relative to standard PC Joysticks. You can use this as a basis for understanding how other standard PC joysticks would work with the OI.

The CH Products Flightsticks are using the old DB-15M PC Joystick standard. They are NOT USB, so don’t try to buy a USB stick to work with the OI.

  • Full Forward, Full Left and Thumbwheel forward are lowest resistance settings.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that translates to minimum byte values in the default program…

  • All three pots are roughly 90K +/- 5%, run in “Rheostat Mode”, with one end of the main element being the “signal”, and the wiper tied to +5V on pin 1. (seems backward to me, but the pot doesn’t care…) :slight_smile: Any 100K pot based joystick wired in this way will be an acceptable equivalent.

PC Joystick Standard equivalency:

  • Left/Right (X) signal = “PC Joystick Pot X1” on pin 3.

  • Forward/Back (Y) signal = “PC Joystick Pot Y1” on pin 6.

  • Thumbwheel = “PC Joystick Pot Y2” on pin 13.

  • All switches are commoned to both pins 4 and 12 (two of the three standard PC switch grounds). Note this does NOT exactly conform to the PC Joystick Standard, but since most manufacturers tie all three grounds together anyways, it normally doesn’t matter.

  • Trigger switch = "“PC Joystick Switch 1” on pin 2.

  • Top Hat switch = “PC Joystick Switch 2” on pin 7.

  • The cable is shielded, and terminated only on the case of the DB-15M connector.

  • All other pins unconnected.

The PC Joystick Standard:

Pin: Signal
1: XY1 (+5V)
2: Switch 2
3: X1 (pot)
4: Ground (for Switch 1)
5: Ground (For Switch 2)
6: Y1 (pot)
7: Switch 2
8: N/C (Not Connected)
9: XY2 (+5V)
10: Switch 3
11: X2 (pot)
12: Ground (3&4)
13: Y2 (pot - In this case the Thumbwheel)
14: Switch 4
15: N/C

I haven’t checked out the NEW sticks yet to see which is which, but I’m sure at LEAST the X/Y (main stick) pots and the trigger are the same connections.

If someone has already reversed engineered the new sticks, please post their wiring diagram here. Thanks!

I hope this helps!

  • Keith

I’m sorry, but we must have worded the question wrong…
What are the dimensions for the controls and OI?
Sorry for the miswording/confusion…

Again, everything you need should be on the IFI web site. You want the Operator Interface Installation Info document.

Again, another misunderstanding and/or mis-wording. We need the dimensions for the entire controls not the Operator interface.
I am truly sorry if I am causing confusion or misunderstanding.

Are you looking to see how large you can make your control unit, [including oi, joysticks and anything else] to where it still fits on the driver stations shelf?

That is correct.

69" x 12" (unless you want the controls to overhang the table a little bit).

**<R65> **The Operator Interface Console designed by your team must fit on the 69" wide by 12" deep shelf in the Alliance Station and the radio modem connected to the Operator Interface must be able to reach the mounting bracket on the operator stations. Be sure to leave at least 48" of slack in the 9-pin cable.

Thank you for answering our question. We weren’t sure if that was it (our Electronics team this year hasn’t worked with electronics until this year.). Thank you very much!