PARC Web Cast

I need help. :confused: I need to know what I need & how to use the stuff so I can webcast the PA Robot Challenge this May 8th.

So Far I have the capture card and drivers, and real producer.
But Can’t get it to Stream the inputs to my web site.

I need to know by 7pm on May 6, so I can test the system in preporation for the Saturday’s event.

Thanks for the Help.

I think u should use WIndows Media Encoder its free from the microsoft site and its very good and powerful it just provides u a link u can just post on the site for anyone to watch and u can monitor how many are watching and all that good stuff the quality very up there also


Thanks I’ll try this out. :smiley:

hope you have a very fast connection! I dont think a T-1 will cut it.


 I didn't get to webcast PARC, had too many complications with the schools network.  I did record it though.  The audio is really bad and the image is a little fuzzy.

 I'm planning on Video Capturing PARC 2005.  I've got better A/V equipment, so the quality should be greatly improved.  I'm getting ready way in advance this time, unlike last year where I waited till the last minute to decide to try the webcasting.  I'll probally post the completed event to the web after the event, instead of webcasting this time. :] 

 If all goes well, I should be able to record the entire event, includign the on screen scoring, onto a single DVD R disc. :) 

I look forward to seeing all the teams at PARC this year.

:] I have 2 computers ready to capture the competition this year.
I fixed the audio problem and have much better software and equipment this time. :smiley:

See you at PARC this May 7th!!

The PARC is on May 7 not May 8, just helping you out

The May 8th date was last year, which is when this thread was started. His post with the date this year is correct.

PARC is over for this year, and a 9 hour video file is waiting to be edited and made into a DVD (if the quality is good enough).

Let us know when you get the video done, I would like to see I my MCing was