Parking advice at America's Center?

Any veterans have parking advice. We rented three minivan at airport today. I saw on the map posted on first championship sure that there is team parking but they gave no details behind the dome in a surface lot. How much is it? I saw there are garages a few blocks away? Any help would be much appreciated.

If you show up early you can get a spot in the dome’s deck or the lot in front of the dome, iirc. I always did this because of paranoia.

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The five lots just north of the dome are free parking (or at least they were last year). So are many of the curbsides in that area.

Could you please give an address for these lots? I couldn’t find anything on the FIRST Championship app. I will be arriving around noontime so parking at America’s Center is probably full.

Piece of advice: Don’t park at the Gateway Arch structure. There are no cameras and people like to smash windows there.