Parking in St. Louis

Did I read it wrong ( I really hope I made an error) that parking is $35 for a car for one day. When you add a trailer on the first day…LIKE WOW!

If only 250 cars park and they have trailers (they will add another $35) they will collect $17,500 in parking for just one evening - the drop off. It will be cheaper to have your driver just ride in a loop until you are done, burn fossil fuels and save $$$$.

For a team that is coming by car 5 days x 35 = is $175.00 - there goes the budget!

Non FIRST will pay $75.00 to park - pass the word on – the entire world is FIRST!

Does this seem a little high, or have I been sheltered to long?

From Bill’s Blog: “Large vehicle parking is available on 5th and Cole Street directly behind the dome for $35 for a 24 hour period. Be sure to mention you are a FRC team as the usual rate is $75.”

I agree that it’s a lot, but the hotel parking rate in Boston was $35/day, and teams have told me that NYC is $50 per day. In Hartford our parking lot charged $20 per day for a regular car (we were able to get some discount tickets for teams to use). Our Atlanta hotel charged $24/day for hotel guests to park a car, and $75 overnight parking for large vehicles.

So I guess it’s not unusual, even if a lot of money just to park a vehicle.

It does seem quite high. On the other hand, there are a few garages within a couple of blocks that seem to be more in the $5-10 range per day based on a little quick google-fu.

They have a few lots around the Dome. There may be others.

That’s for oversize vehicles. Reg’lar cars would be a lot less costly (but not there! Elsewhere!)