Part numbers for EDU accessories

I think that more people will be trying to find the right connectors and components for the EDUbot as they start using them. I’d like to start a list of specific vendors and part numbers for basic stuff. Heres a start:

**Digital and analog, NOT PWM!

3-conductor housings:, part number 157382, $0.24
crimp pins:, part number 100765, $0.09

I use the cheap crimper from Radio Shack and a tiny dab of solder.


GP2D120, 1" - 12" range,, $12.50
GP2Y0A02YK, 8" - 5’ range,, $15.00
Connectors,, $2.00 for a pack of 3

You can get these from digi-key as well, but they don’t sell the connectors.


With integrated lens,, part number 120221, $1.95

They are similar to a photoresistor except they have a faster response time and a built-in lens so you don’t need to shrink wrap it. Adding an LED pointing downwards will make it easier for a line-following application.

  1. Snip off the base lead
  2. Connect the collector lead to +5 from RC input pin
  3. Connect a 10k resistor or pot to the emitter lead
  4. Connect the resistor to the GND RC input pin
  5. Connect the RC input between the emitter and resistor

You can vary the sensitivity by changing the resistor value. The input will be analog, where higher values are lighter colors (or brighter light source). I would build it on a breadboard and find the best resistor value for your application before making it permanent.

Hmm sharp sensors. Im building an edubot wanderer with some of those. Maybie i’ll post a whitepaper with cade etc when i’m done.