Part time job available in Braintree, MA

Good morning, I am a mentor on team 78 air strike and founder of Mode Designs, LLC, a mechanical keyboard company based in Braintree, MA.

Here are links to our company website and Instagram page.

We are looking for some help fulfilling orders and helping us with tasks around the shop, perhaps 10-15 hours a week after school and on weekends as needed. This is a perfect opportunity for a FIRST high school student. We would prefer a junior or senior that is in short driving distance of Braintree, MA. The job will pay $15/hour.

Please email me at if you are interested and we can discuss the position in more detail. Feel free to share this post with anyone that might be interested.


Looks awesome Brad, will pass it around to the 6328 students!

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Wait, each individual keyboard costs $640? That is basically an entire PC…


I suggest you take a trip down you YouTube rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards.


OR 1/10th of a PC…


I mean sure, but seeing that it isn’t a competitive pick for gaming and it is probably outclassed by existing specialty companies, it seems pretty unnecessary for a new company to only have a $640 option.

Great, don’t apply for the job then…


Just to point this out: Custom keyboards are expensive

Yes the keyboard is expensive but this price is actually not that far fetched within the “r/mechanicalkeyboard” world. There are many other companies that offer similar pricing for high quality, custom keyboard and kits. While the price for these types of keyboards may not be justified for some, I can assure you as a self-proclaim keyboard nerd that this is not as far fetched as it may seem. For example, a custom mechanical build that I myself have parted out is approximately 480 USD. This is simply due to the hobby not being as popular as say, the custom PC world. Most companies within the mechanical keyboard company (I am not saying this applies to the company OP founded) have to ensure that they are making enough revenue to sustain these expenses, thus leading to seemingly outrageous prices.

I just wanted to shed some light on that these high prices are not out of the norm.

To OP: Unfortunately I myself am not in the Braintree MA area so I cannot apply nor do I know anyone in that area but I dig the look, strong Keycult vibes. Best of luck on finding the right candidate!


Yeah, it probably wouldn’t make sense for me to commute 10 hours to work a $15 an hour job. :clown_face:

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Thanks Dave!

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Thanks for the support. We sold out of 150 keyboards in a matter of hours yesterday, indicating that our pricing is fair. We are serving a niche hobby of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts with this first product.


Well, to be that guy, that possibly indicates the pricing is too fair.
Something something HS econ supply and demand curves.

I’m getting very similar vibes from Analogue with that website design and product market.

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Shared with the 246 students. I, unfortunately, read “job” and “MA” before I read “part time” and ended up hurting my own feelings.