particle filter question and compression question

Hello, I just wanted clarification on a couple of things.

first, compression: what is it?
I have read in some articles that if it is 0 there is an issue but I don’t have it.

second, third and fourth, particle filters: I at first thought that the vector analysis report ordered the targets by score but now it is apparent they are from the top right and i need to do that manually if i want the feature?

Also, if I only use a single step filter it seems to remove particles outside or inside my criteria but if i use a multiple step filter they all remain. To counter this, i have been using multiple filters (is there a way to fix this so i can use one?) which brings me to my last question-

at some point i messed up my code and had to fix some things. What is below does not work but i have a working version. the working version merely does not have the second filter but i do not know what is wrong with this. The issue is that the code gets hung up in the first iteration of my ‘while(IsAutonomous() && IsOperatorControl())’ loop. the suspect filter and it’s criteria are highlighted in yellow

		AxisCamera &canICam = AxisCamera::GetInstance("");

		//lower easier on CRIO and harder on cam

		Threshold threshold(RL,RH,GL,GH,BL,BH);
		ParticleFilterCriteria2 criteria] = {IMAQ_MT_BOUNDING_RECT_HEIGHT, 0, 15, false, true};
		ParticleFilterCriteria2 criteria2] = {IMAQ_MT_AREA_BY_PARTICLE_AND_HOLES_AREA, 0, 74, false, false};
				//Set this element to TRUE to indicate that a match occurs when the measurement is outside the criteria range.
		BinaryImage *thresholdImage = img->ThresholdRGB(threshold);	// get just the red target pixels
		delete img;
		BinaryImage *filteredImage = thresholdImage->ParticleFilter(criteria, 1);  // find the rectangles
		delete thresholdImage;
		BinaryImage *biFilteredImage = filteredImage->ParticleFilter(criteria2, 1);  // find the rectangles
		delete filteredImage;
		BinaryImage *convexHullImage = biFilteredImage->ConvexHull(false);  // fill in partial and full rectangles
		delete biFilteredImage;
		vector<ParticleAnalysisReport> *reports = convexHullImage->GetOrderedParticleAnalysisReports();  // get the results