Parts Documentation

Last year I found some documentation on all of the motors and parts in the kit. However, when FIRST redid their site last fall I can’t find any of the documentation anymore.

Does anyone have a link to any specification sheet or documentation for any of the included parts?

I did a CD search for

globe specs

and found the data sheets for the Globe motor linked on a post, but now I can’t find that link again!

Did you try searching that way? it could be tedious…but if you only need the specs for a few parts, it might fill your needs.

Tou can try here:

Or here:

This spreadsheet by Dr Joe is a great help as well. It’s an older document but the math never changes. Once you have your specs for the current motors just punch in the numbers

And once you get that all together your programming folks and your electrical as well mey like this little ditty too:

Thanks, The 2006 motor data zip was something like what I was looking for. Do you know of any link to the pdf files he mentions in the zip file description on the download page?

“PDF’s were listed on FIRST, but tough to find.”

Unzip the file…and be amazed

The problem lies when I unzip the file there is only about 4 parts with datasheets. I found many more than that last year, but can’t find them again.

All of the PDF’s for the motors in the file (6) have data in them. Some are listed as separate sheets on different pages and some are listed in the drawings themselves.