Parts of robot failing?

Hello, we are really scrambling to meat the bag date with a completed robot. right no our current problem is that the code we have written seems completely fine, but when it is run on the robot, certain parts don’t work. When deployed from a different computer, we got a different set of parts to move, but is the exact same code. Any suggestions?

Generally, I’d say that you have electrical problems, not programming ones. Are all the connections from the digital sidecar to the various components secure? 99% of the time, these problems are electrical.

Well, i am a programer, and i was told that everything is wired correctly.

Which has nothing to do with whether it actually is wired correctly.

We just ran a test and only on side of the drive train was working (switching the PWM cables made neither work), two of our servo’s work, but the third doesn’t and it seems as if its code is being set to one of the servos that is working, as that servo tries to complete the action of the one that doesn’t work.

If it’s a code problem, you should be able to control everything from the LiveWindow (enable your robot in test mode with the SmartDashboard open). If that doesn’t work then you have electrical issues or problems with your components.

Sounds like a wiring fault to me.

Ok, so we reviewed the code and this is the result.

Working: One side of drive train; launcher; loader (one direction).
Not working: other side of drive train (runs in very short bursts, few and far between.); reverse on loader (sends to one of the two launcher motors, also in the short bursts).

Again, there are no visible problems with the wiring or code. We contacted our mentor team, but got no response. Thank you all for your help, and any possible solutions are welcome.

Check the diagnostics tab on the Driver Station, and copy and paste the Messages field here.

First, are you using Labview, Java, or C++? Second, why don’t you upload your code here for someone to look over?

If you don’t know what the correct wiring is supposed to be, you’ll never know that it’s wrong unless you show it to someone who does know.

Here, the sporadic PWM outputs suggests to me that your Digital Sidecar might not be getting 12 volts from the Power Distribution Board. What do the three power LEDs on the sidecar look like – are they all brightly lit, or is the BAT one dark? What pattern is the Robot Signal Light flashing when you enable the robot?

Hey Alan,

I know you are feeling the pressure of only having two days left and having everything seem to fall apart…Been there myself as have most people here.

Electrical Engineers love to blame programmers for their problems. :slight_smile: To be honest you probably have a bit of both an electrical problem and a code problem.

Here is what I would suggest you do.

  1. Change your battery for a freshly charged one. (You would be surprised how often magical problems go away when you do this.)

  2. Go over your wiring really carefully. It is a rats nest in there and sometimes wires are connected to the wrong things by accident and “look” just fine.

  3. Electronically go through system by system. So for example, pull all the PWM cables except for your drive motors. Then test your program for driving. Check that you have everything set right, and get that working first.

Also using a volt meter to see that you are actually getting voltage everywhere you expect it is probably a good thing.

Then slowly add back each subsystem doing the same thing.

  1. Post all of your available information. Close up pictures of your wiring. Upload your program…Everything so that all the other teams you are asking for help can actually help you. Probably do step 4 first.

I wish you and your team the best of luck with this one. Remember…Even if you have to bag a non functioning robot there are plenty of teams that will help you at the competition. Teams have shown up with nothing but their kit of parts and left with a robot before…At the competition everyone wants to see your robot make it onto the field.

Good luck.


Ok, the program is attached, anyone that wants to review it/ make nessisary changes, you are welcome to. Ill work on getting that driver station error message and some pictures of the wiring. Ill also ask the engineers to run over there wiring with a fine tooth comb. thank you all very much for your help. By the way, we are using LabView.

4457 FRC Robo (3.49 MB)

4457 FRC Robo (3.49 MB)

Here are the photos.

Ok, so we tested the robot again with a revised code.The right side of the robot dident run at all, and the pusher motor ran forward in those jumpy intervals as described before. Everything else ran fine. I have attached the revised code, and I will include the error message from the driver station. Thank you all for your help.

Watchdog Expiration: System 10, User 1
Watchdog Expiration: System 9, User 1
ERROR <Code> -44003 occurred at WPI_CameraIssue HTTP Request with>>WPI_CameraIssue>>WPI_CameraGet Image Appearance>>WPI_CameraGet Color>>WPI_Camera>>>>>>Robot
<time>00:11:23 01/01/1970
FRC: Operation failed due to a communication failure with the camera.
ERROR <Code> -44003 occurred at WPI_CameraIssue HTTP Request with>>WPI_CameraIssue>>WPI_CameraSet Image Appearance>>WPI_CameraSet Enum Appearance>>WPI_CameraSet Image>>>>Robot
<time>00:01:57 01/01/1970ERROR <Code> -44036 occurred at>>>>Periodic>>Robot
<time>00:08:19 01/01/1970
FRC: Operation failed due to a communication failure with the camera.
Watchdog Expiration: System 8, User 0
Watchdog Expiration: System 7, User 0
Watchdog Expiration: System 5, User 0
Watchdog Expiration: System 3, User 0
Watchdog Expiration: System 2, User 0
ERROR <Code> -44003 occurred at WPI_CameraIssue HTTP Request with>>WPI_CameraIssue>>WPI_CameraGet Image Appearance>>WPI_CameraGet Color>>WPI_Camera>>>>>>Robot
<time>00:01:55 01/01/1970
FRC: Operation failed due to a communication failure with the camera.
WARNING <Code> 44007 occurred at FRC_NetworkCommunications <secondsSinceReboot> 25.468

Modified Network Configuration: Set
I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly.

Here is the revised code.

4457 FRC Robo (3.49 MB)

4457 FRC Robo (3.49 MB)

We are loosing air pressure in our pneumatic system really fast. We checked the connections but don’t know what’s wrong… Help?

Pneumatics leak. It’s a fact of life. If you put small amounts of water over your connections, you may be able to see which one is leaking. Other than that, you just have to work around it.

I don’t see any lights. Was the power off when you took the pictures?

Your Analog Breakout is not connected to power. It’ll need 12 volts from the PDB in order for it to be legal show the battery voltage on the Driver Station.

The connector that I assume should be going to the Analog Breakout is instead wedged in next to the Digital Sidecar power connector. That can’t be a good thing.