Parts Suppliers - Master List

The purpose of this thread is to make one central complete list for all the suppliers we all use to buy parts for our robots. Hopefully this can be made a sticky so rookie teams and other can find it easily during the build. Let’s keep it to places that sell and ship to the whole country, not places like “Uncle Larry’s Bearing Supply on the corner of Fourth and Main” Post the name, URL or Phone #, and a short description of what they sell. Hopefully this thread will become a valueable resource for rookie teams and everyone.

Please read the previous posts before you post, no duplicates. Let’s keep this thread usefull and efficient.


They are a great source for spur gear stock (which is way cheaper than buying indivual gears), small bearings, including flanged bearings, chain, sprockets, and lots of other miscellaneous small stuff.

MSC Industrial Supply Co.



Small Parts, Inc.

SMC Corporation of America

Festo Pnuematics

I will be adding anything mentioned here to Short descriptions of the source would also be nice. The page currently has:



AndyMark - for power transmission and drivetrain products.

Pic Design - for those hard to find 0.7M metric gears to mesh with the drill motor pinion

Here’s some more links to companys that have supplied/donated parts to the KOP

Connector Concepts, Inc.
supplier of the breakers and fuse panels for KOP

Tyco Electronics

supplier of connectors

Skyway Wheels
supplier of wheels for KOP


supplier of sensors

Terminal Supply Co.
electrical terminal supplier

supplier of electrical and pnuematic devices

supplier of some of the pnuematics used in the KOP

supplier of some of the pnuematics used in the KOP

CAD software included with KOP

popular CAD program

Mouser Electronics
Various electronics

W.M. Berg
Various gears, sprockets, bearings, etc.

GlobalSpec (Registration Required)
Not a supplier, but a huge database of suppliers. Register and you can enter specs for a part and see who has something that fits. Warning: If you click on links to parts you’ve found, you’ll be getting catalogs in the mail.

Grob Inc.
Hard to find pulleys and pinion wire as well as custom broaching.

AP Circuits
For custom printed circuit boards.

CadSoft Online

Home of the Eagle Layout Editor, for designing the printed circuit boards.

Isn’t there a rule restricting electronics suppliers to Radio Shack, Digi-key, Newark-in-one, and Future Active? Aren’t all these other electronics suppliers (except perhaps if its a duplicated of something from the kit) illegal?

Several dozen metalworking-related suppliers are listed on the Metalworking Web Sites Index.


Additional electronic components for use on the robot must be currently available from or equivalent to those available from Newark InOne…

They’re legal as long as they can be found at or are equivalent to parts found at the official suppliers.


Eagle (from CADSoft) is the Autodesk Inventor Tool for Electronics Design, you can create your schematic, and then layout your board with it, and there is a free version on the Web site. I would encourage anyone interested in electronic design to take a look at it. APCircuits would be something like sending the Mechanical Design out to a Machine Shop to be created. The cost of manufacture of the circuit board is part of the build cost. The components to put on the board need to be taken from the restricted electronics supplier, and also count toward the cost of the robot.


The rule isn’t so clear. It’s being discussed right now in this thread:

I guess you could argue that a PCB is only wire and solder, so it doesn’t count as an electrical component, but i can’t really think of any electrical component that isn’t just wire and solder when it comes down to it. I had thought that a custom PCB would be illegal.

By buying suitable supplies from Digikey, and other sources,
you can expose, develop and etch your own printed circuit boards.
It is so much fun that any other way ought to be illegal…

Don’t forget MSC subsidiary ENCO (
Have Fun!

Please do not start a discussion in this thread. This thread’s intent is to list parts suppliers ONLY, and there’s several other threads where you can discuss whether or not a certain part is legal or not. This will allow this thread to remain orderly and to the point.


I’m not sure if this is what you guys were referring to, but heres a site with quite a few products for general robotics as well as repair services for some of the things that you may have accidentally fried.

Great measurement tools at a VERY reasonable price:
Allen Designs LLC
Digital Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators has lots of hard to find sizes of ball bearings. A bit pricey though.