I feel as if all of the parts and systems for pneumatics are changing and I am really hurting for parts. I can’t find parts that work with my old systems on Andy Mark or any where else on the internet from my searches. I also don’t totally understand the transitive switch the field is doing. Any suggestions for a place to get “old” parts? or an explanation of where everything is going and why it’s changing?:confused:

The big changes are in 2015. Not this year.
Changes are required in part because the solenoid module is disappearing & other changes in the IO.

The basic control scheme shouldn’t change: Processor reads a discrete input from pressure switch & turns on/off relay for compressor.

What are you looking for?
The pressure switch you can get from AndyMark
Relief valve <>
Other stuff
The spike relay to turn on/off the compressor comes from Vex
Valves are a little more complicated since the rules call for a spec that not every valve MFR uses (including the KOP valves) Hopefully the rules will get revisited in this year.

I think my main problem is the brass pieces to connect the pressure gauges and such with the rest of the system. All I can find on Andy Mark are pieces with male and female connectors when all I need/can accomadate is female.

They are 1/8 NTP (tapered pipe thread) for the most part & 1/4 OD tube.
Locally hardware & big box building supply stores.
Automation Direct also has a large selection

All though I could be wrong, I don’t see the plumbing rules changing.

Thank you! You have been a very big help

Don’t stock up too much on tubing, as it’s always been available in FIRST Choice and Freelin-Wade will sell at half-price to FRC teams.

As stated, the brass connectors are available at local hardware stores. The push-to-fit fittings are available through AndyMark in FIRST Choice as well.

Do not use the plastic household plumbing fittings like this. They are not pressure rated. You can get plastic push-to-fit fittings on McMaster, Amazon, or a number or other suppliers that are pressure rated.