Pascack Panda-monium 2020 - Save the Date!

In 6 months, prepare for… Panda-monium!

More details to follow after Kickoff


Pandas are adorable, offseasons are fun, and 1676 is an awesome team. I like this combination already!


Unfortunately the same weekend as IRI :confused:. Otherwise always love seeing more FMA offseasons!

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Unfortunately that is the case, but June 27th was the only weekend that would both work with our school district and not conflict with any of the existing FMA (or NY) off-season events. Ultimately, the overlap with IRI will only affect a handful of FMA/NY teams, and hopefully the two dates with not conflict in future years. It’s certainly not ideal, but we’re looking forward to an incredible event nonetheless!

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You may find that the vast majority of NY high school graduations conflict with this event.

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The date’s certainly not perfect (as mentioned before with the conflict with IRI), but after a quick check of teams attending the 2020 Hudson Valley Regional I didn’t see any graduations currently scheduled for the June 27th. However, I was already told that 2791’s is scheduled for then. Are you aware of any others?

Just to provide some additional info - We didn’t want to schedule the event any later into the summer (and our gymnasium will be undergoing renovations then anyway), and FMA already has 5 off-season events (girlPOWER, Duel on the Delaware, HAVOC, Ramp Riot, and Brunswick Eruption) in the fall, in addition to Capital Cup in August. We had originally wanted the event to be held on May 30th, but that date conflicted with previously scheduled softball activities in our gymnasium. Other conflicts left only June 20th and June 27th available, with June 20th being MidKnight Mayhem. Ultimately, no date is perfect, but luckily there are plenty of off-season events for teams to choose from!

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