Pascal-like language debugging?

I’m trying to debug my program on one of the robots at work. Unfortunately, the program has a function which calls out another function which calls out another function or two, and so on. I’ve put in a line to print out so that I know if it reached a step.

The problem is that it appears to be an issue with the function called out immediately before it. I have yet to look at that particular function, but it deals with analyzing the image and I’m not sure I’ll understand it since I didn’t write it.

Is there something else that I can try doing? I’m not a programmer by trade, so any suggestions would be appreciated. (Esp. since I will programming another robot once I get this code tweaked.)


Why is this related to Pascal? Isn’t it in C? or does that function include Pascal code?
In any case, if it’s a basic FIRST code, I doubt there’s any reason to work with pascal unless it’s a function related on making the codes you enter operate properlly on the robot.

If the debugging arrow shows an arrow at the begining of the page of the function, then you forgot something in the function listed(notice, not called) before it.

A little more detail on the problem would help.

Actually, this is work related. It is a non-FIRST robot. In fact, the robot that I’m dealing with is probably older than any of the high school students in FIRST this year. Hence, the language is Pascal-like.

Anyway, I managed to find out that it was an issue with the coloration of the image. I’m working on trying to fix that, but one of my other robots went down and is more critical.


I already got used to robots=FIRST. :stuck_out_tongue: