Passing or shooting power cells from the trench run area

I have thinking if a robot which is into the Alliance’s trench run can pass a power cell to another robot, or even try to make point in the power port. Someone have an answer for this?

This is allowed but you run into the problem of how far you are away from the goal and the angle that you are shooting from and you would block your alliances robot if they like to use the trench run

You also would have to be completely in the trench because unlike the safe zones where your bumpers have to be touching to be safe… in the trench they can touch you as long as their bumpers don’t cross

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The only rule which governs where you may or may not shoot or pass to/from (edit: within the field) is the one labeled “No full-court shots”.

I don’t have the exact language of the rule on-hand, but it only penalizes shots by a robot entirely in one sector shooting power cells or causing them to travel all the way to the other sector.

So yes, shooting and passing to and from the TRENCH RUN is legal to and from all locations on the field.

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