Passing the Balls Thru

When moving th balls through the corral (hole in the wall of the alliance station), can one reach through with the wooden paddles provided?


I was at the Kickoff in Manchester - the wooden paddles are no longer part of the game.

I believe they also said that during the remote kickoff broadcast, as there’s no other way I’d be able to agree with you. :slight_smile:

The paddles were dropped from the game, so I guess the answer of your question would be no. Having a paddle in itself would probably be illegal.

Look at rule G09…

As stated at the kickoff, the original plan was to use the paddles; however, they have decided this may cause too much chaos as the balls would be going all over. For now they are leaving it so that the human player will bend over the corral to retrieve the balls and are exploring other options to increase safety. There will be a revision to this rule in the first update I imagine.

The paddles were orignaly there as a safety procaution. But it appeared to awakward, so they said it won’t be used so long as there are no problems.

That said, if they do use them, the answer to your question is no, you can not reach onto the field with or without the paddle.


Again, ask yourself if your idea violates the spirit of the game. If it does, you probably shouldn’t do it :yikes:

Yeah there is always the possibility of some robot arm getting tangled up with a human arm when these balls are comming in or out of the corral…but paddles? That doesnt really seem to help, just be careful…we all where safety glasses even though we do have that big shield protecting us…how about some shin gaurds now, okay maybe not, but you never know with all these robots bursting into flames and blowing up on you (now that i have totally become devoid of the intendend thread topic i will go…)