Passing variables to cRio via serial port

Hello everybody,

This year we are working on on board vision computing. We have a spare classmate running Ubuntu 12.04, and all of our vision code will be done with opencv. We are using a kinect as a camera, and we have it working with libfreenect. 

Right now we are working out how to send variables from our on board computer to the cRio. Has anyone else done this? What I was thinking was using a serial library for c++, but I have no experience with this kind of stuff. I also have no idea how the cRio handles those kinds of things. Any information or resources you guys might have would be killer. Thanks!

It seems that Ethernet would be more approachable, but as long as you are only generating a tiny bit of data from your vision algorithm it seem like serial could work as well. Of course that prevents you from using jaguars on the serial port.