Passive Level 2

Team 2337 The EngiNERDs tested the ramps and climbing the levels with ‘Adrenaline’, watch the video to see how this passive system in action.


That. Is dangerous. Speaking on behalf of our 2017 robot when we broke at least 5 wheels…

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Looks more passive aggressive. :wink:

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This, or just 6" deflated pneumatic wheels. Proto from 2016 handled stairs just fine.

You have to do the analysis to see if the amount of time you’d spend on a real mechanism to reach level 2 is cheaper than a bulk order of replacement wheels


Honestly the 118 Everybot looks nice. Might just tweak a little this and that to get it up to HAB3.

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What size wheels are you using? About how much ground clearance do you have? I think the HAB RP might be a lot more attainable than everyone thought if the average robot is capable of doing this. Someone should run this test with the AM14U4.