Password Login Troubles - WGA600N

We can’t log in to our WGA600N wireless adapter. We tried resetting it and that’s when the problems really began: we can’t use the default password for some reason. (Either that or we have got the wrong one.) Can anybody tell us the default login settings? Or have any advice for us? We tried ‘admin’ and ‘admin’, respectively. Thanks for your help.

In my experience most wireless adapters tend to default passwords to:

<blank> (that is enter nothing in the field and hit enter)

So I would try leaving the user as admin and <blank> or “password” as the password.

I don’t have our adapter handy to check it though.

According to the FRC 2010 Control System Chapter 3, you are using the correct username/password (see section 2.10.1).

However, you also want to make sure you hold down the reset button for several seconds to insure the unit is reset.

Hope this helps.

If you did a factory reset to the gaming adapter, the default IP address becomes

You will need to set a static IP on your machine to something like /

admin / admin is the default username and password.

here is a reference to a user manual for the WGA600N - look to page 8 for connecting from a computer.

Good luck - Dave G.


you may want to reset the gaming adapter again - hold reset button for 5 seconds or so…

We had luck reprogramming the WGA600N by:
resetting the 600N by holding down the button for ~10 secs (an orange light will start flashing after the reset has taken hold)
instead of running through a hub, we used a direct link via crossover enet cable between the 600N and the computer
set the computer IP to mask
use a browser to navigate to
now you should see the WGA600N in your browser so you can set it up per the instructions…