Past Champs?

Anyone have video of 2001 nationals ??

not at nationals…but there is footage of midwest that year.
its at then click on the “wildstand team videos & animations” link, then click on 2001.

Yes we beat them first round, but they figured us out and came back.

So in the words of the great philosopher “We’ll be back!”

Interesting, in our rookie year last year we lost in the finals in Archimedes having won the first game and loosing next two. They went on to win Championships undefeated. Our partners were 233 and 33. 233 came close to winning this year.

Last year we (177) went undefeated 13-0 on Galileo then won the First Einstein match against the Newton Alliance. We lost the next 2 getting knocked out. This was actually a discussion we had with some of the RAGE mentors in the airport on the way home because it of the similarities between our seasons.

1270 when have been Curie champs if we would have not go cheatet out of are match.

And The First Curie Champs

1270 was Curie champs, and no where were you cheated. You may disagree with a call by the refs, but by no means were you cheated.