Past game logos in vector format

The short question is, as the title implies, I’m looking for vector versions of game logos back to Lunacy. We are decorating our trailer with our past games.

I talked to FIRST, they told me they do not have vector versions of game logos. I’m having a hard time believing that but it’s what they said.

If we can’t find vectors, would anyone offer to vectorize the graphics FIRST did give me?

I will acknowledge there may be a trademark issue and I will address that with FIRST.

Thanks in advance!

Mentor, 2811 StormBots, Vancouver, Wash.

FIRST is terrible with the game logos. They dont even have BW game logos except for 2017 (and I think 2018.) You’d have to find someone to make them.

If you can find a high-resolution bitmap version, you can probably trace it into vectors using something like adobe illustrator.