past KOP motor 2007

I’m having trouble getting a question to First’s Q&A…What i want to find out is…
under section R48…letter “I” can we use the “mini bike” motor (FP801-005) that came in the 2007 KOP if it has never been used. I tried posting that to the Q&A
but i guess someone from the team will have to post it.

BTW…this is’nt the same as a CIM although it is a lot like it.

The Minibike motor is not a door motor. It is not a window lift motor. It is not a seat motor. It is not a wiper motor. In short, it is none of the types of motor that are called out in that rule.

The only motors and actuators permitted on 2012 FRC Robots include:
I. up to 2 window lift, seat, windshield wiper or door motors obtained through either the FIRST-Automotive Recyclers Association partnership or from a prior years’ KOP.

And that means that it is not legal for FRC use in 2012. Ask Q&A if you like, but I really don’t think you’ll get a different answer.

Yeah i know…its the “prior years KOP” part that i wondered about…I can only try…and hope.

It’s the motor type that you should be looking at. FIRST Choice offers van door motors equivalent to those in prior kits, and the GDC has declared those legal; this tells me that they aren’t quite as concerned about source as they could be. Frees them up no end to concentrate on motor type. See the blue box:
Note: It will be up to the teams to show that the motors used on the Robot are legal by providing paperwork showing the motor’s original use, i.e. if it’s called a “seat motor” on the ARA receipt, it is a seat motor.

I can’t imagine an inspector looking at that and not asking about the source… then you’ll have to show that it’s in compliance with the rules. And I’m 99% certain or more that it would not be based on the motor types in that rule.

I don’t know why you say they aren’t as concerned with the source as they could be. They listed 2 sources, one of which was previous years’ kits. The door motor comes from a previous year’s kit. There is nothing about this situation that would imply they are not as concerned as they could be about the source.

Think of it this way. In previous years we have been told that (CIMs excluded) we could only use the motors in the kit. However, if we burned out a motor in the kit and bought an exact replacement, it was treated as if it were the motor supplied in the kit.

This set the precedent that, if the motor is exactly the same as the one in the KOP, it will be considered to be the motor that was provided in the KOP (unless used in a quantity exceeding the quantity provided). Since “previous years’ KOPs” were defined by their respective years’ rules, previous years’ rules do, for once, apply.