Past robots pictures database?

I remember seeing someone posting about and even going on a website that was a huge database of pictures of teams’ robots from past years, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. From what I can remember, you could sort by team or by year. I just thought it was a fantastic resource and I’d like to see if it’s still around or if it was taken down for some reason. Can anyone help me out?

(On a related note, would anyone happen to have a clear picture of TnT 280’s Logomotion robot? I’m trying to make headers and flyers and such, but the only picture I can find of just the robot from that year is small and grainy. The robot’s been taken apart, so I can’t just take a picture of it now.)

Are you referring to

I am! Thank you very much. I’ll make sure to not lose this URL again.

EDIT: And, of course, our 2011 'bot isn’t on there. I’m still looking for a good picture of it, if anyone has one!
EDITEDIT: I found a picture.