Pat made Eagle Scout!

I just wanted to congratulate Pat McCarthy who is officially now an Eagle Scout! You all know him from the forums, so let’s hear some congratulations!!!

Congrats from a Life Scout!

Congratulations! No small accomplishment indeed!

-Daniel Brim, ES

wOOt yeah and all other various cheers
way to go p trick / trick daddy / pa to the trick :wink:
see ya tomorrow

Congratulations on your Eagle. I have about 6 more months until I get mine and I know getting to eagle is no easy work, again good job.:smiley:

Thanks everyone, and everyone to come! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Pat. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Pat. You are now part of a very elite group of people. A piece of advice - your Eagle Scout status looks terrific on job resume.

Dan Swando - Eagle Scout '02 (Scoutmaster’s conference the night before I turned 18 :))

Big congrats from Scoutmaster SAM!

I am very proud to know one more Eagle Scout. This is a great accomplishment and represents a huge amount of work. I applaud you.


quite an accomplishment



Congrats, Pat!

(I guess that playing catch with Genia must be good voodoo or something. :wink: )

With all the distractions around, this is quite an accomplishment. Congratualtions from a fellow Eagle Scout (1973)

i just got mne recently. it isnt easy, and only a few make it. good job.

Congratulations Pat, It takes a lot of commitment to achieve Eagle.

COngrats from a fellow NESA member.

Congratulations Pat!

This guy is a good friend of mine, and seeing how much stuff he has going on makes me incredibly astounded with how much he gets done, such as Operating for an amazing team, being very tall, and being an Eagle Scout.

Way to go!

Congratulations from a fellow eagle scout
what a terrific achievement :smiley:


I got mine back in December. It take alot of commitment.

Good job Pat. I’m almost an eagle myself. I just have the Board of Review left.