Path Planner initial PID values for Kitbot

Hey all,

We’re foraging into Path Planner for the first time.

We’re using a quad-NEO Kitbot with last year’s 10.75:1 Toughboxes, and we’re getting close to one of those things we’re not great at: tuning PID.

To that end, does anyone have (and is willing to share) good starting values for kp, ki, kd, and f for this setup? We of course realize we’d need to refine them from there, but a good place to start would be, well, a good place to start.

Thank you very much!

For a drivetrain, I definitely recommend looking into running SysID. This will give you a reasonable set of PID constants to use.

I’m sitting eight feet from Rob at The Warehouse, and he suggested I ask here…

Gonna be there a while? I can be there in ~30

Likely so, yeah.

We’re SysID rookies as well, so if you could show me some of that while Rob works with our programming mentor, that would be great!

I’m no expert, but I’ve used it once or twice. Give me a few and I’ll stop by

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