Path Planning, Autonomous, and Trajectory Following

I am the sole programmer for an off-season project which heavily dabbles with autonomous trajectory following. I’m looking at the Path Planning page in the WPILib docs, but can’t make heads or tails of it. Could someone explain the setup in more straightforward terms or link some example code that might be useful?

The project uses swerve drive if that helps. My code can be found here.

Thank you all in advance!


I would look at It makes path making so much easier.


also adding on to this pathplanner is basically necessary unless your making your own system to effectively use your swerve drive in auto

In that page, Pathplanner only replaces the PathWeaver bullets. The rest are still relevant for swerve drive (although not directly applicable since they were written for differential drive).

You can also take a look at this post of our team’s code from this year. We used PathWeaver for our autonomous trajectory following with a swerve drive (which very much is possible.) This might help a good bit, as our programmers found some very good ways to make it work.

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