Path Planning Review/Question

Hello All, we are attempting to use Path Planning for the first time. We have completed the robot characterization but our graphs don’t look like the instructions. This may be normal but we don’t know. Looking for someone with experience doing this to take a look at our characterization and just let us know if we did it right. I have included a screenshot of the System Information screen, config file, results of test, and picture of the robot. (683.7 KB)

This looks normal to me. The R^2 of the simulated velocity is well north of .9.

I have no idea what that means BUT, I hope to understand that soon. Thank you @Oblarg

It means that your predicted velocity from the linear model is more than 90% accurate (where accuracy is measured by squared error as a fraction of the total squared variation). That is to say, the deviation from the green line on the velocity plot is less than 10% of the total change in the velocity.

Note, though, that you might have an incorrect figure for your gearing in your settings - according to your data your robot was going 8 meters per second at the end of the quasistatic test, which seems unlikely. This is ultimately a unit scaling issue, though, so it should be easy to fix.

I will have our coach look at the gear ratio and see if I missed something. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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