Path Planning

I have gone through most of the files for PathWeaver/Pathplanning/Trajectory tutorials and have gotten most of the program done it just won’t work. I’m asking if I have something wrong or if I’m missing something, I followed the tutorial in the Wpilibj documents for frc and have the code in the robot init class, I have the pathweaver path and have made it go to the folder directory that my source code is in. Am I missing something else should I put something in the autonomous init/periodic??

Could you share a link to your GitHub repository

For your autos, do you use Pathplanner or Pathweaver?

I’m using path weaver

Sorry I currently cannot but I can send a link of the code I used and what exactly I did/used

In general with pathweaver if you’re using the ramsete command wpilib provides schedule it in autonomous init and that should function, also make sure you have your trajectory stored in the deploy folder

A link of the code used would be great! Without code, it is hard to troubleshoot exact issues. Could you just post the auto code you use, without revealing all of your team’s code?

Yes I’m using ramsete controller and is the deploy folder in the build gradle that’s in my project?

Deploy should be following from the root src/main/deploy
Anything in it will be put onto the Rio in an identical spot making it the standard place to put json files like trajectories

This code is for pathweaver: Importing a PathWeaver JSON — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

This code is for Programming for the Pathweaver:

When you run that are you getting a file not found error being caught by that try catch block?

No im not getting that error

Can you add smartdashboard.putData(CommandScheduler.getInstance) in robot periodic and using smartdashboard or glass see if the ramsete command ever runs

Ok I’ll try that tomorrow cause I’m not at school currently thanks for the suggestion

Hope it helps, if you have issues tomorrow let me know

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