Path Weaver not opening when I add a custom game/Second Waypoint off screen

I have been using path weaver for the skills challenge but I just added a field to do some testing on the romibot. After adding the file path weaver won’t run. I tried opening through vscode, the shortcut I keep on desktop, and the .vbs file in the tools folder but they won’t open. When I removed the custom game it started working again. It doesn’t give me any error messages it just shows the spinning wheel like it would open then doesn’t. Has anyone seen this or know how to fix it.

Can you post the custom game files here? Also post where you put them.

Try opening the PathWeaver jar via command line to see if it gives any stacktraces or errors.

I figured it out my issue was with my .json file. But I have run into new issues with the second waypoint for the default path being off screen and I can’t access it. I figured out that path weaver always sets the second waypoint at (120, -120) but the x,y for field corners doesn’t correlate to x and y values. Is there a way I can access the second waypoint through a key board short cut.

This is my .json file and my png file is 1200x1200 pixels.
“game”: “Custom Game”,
“field-image”: “TestFeild.png”,
“field-corners”: {
“top-left”: [10, 10],
“bottom-right”: [1190, 1190]
“field-size”: [30, 30],
“field-unit”: “inch”

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