Pathfinding to game pieces using limelight

Do any teams have any experience or resources with using limelight + Google Coral to locate game pieces? Is it just as simple as turning to get the tx to 0 and driving straight? But I feel like theres a lot of cases where that could fail so I just want to ask about it.

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Our students have a detailed write up here:

Our code is also public and linked in the thread. Reach out if you need assistance!


I see for estimating where the note is your team calculates it using the % of the screen the object takes up and using the known radius values to figure out distance. But how would that work for some of the stranger shapes like the cones last year that can take up many different percentages of the screen even at the same distance depending on how they are oriented? Would it just not be realistically feasible for an frc team to figure out, or would there be some other algorithm?

3467 had an approach that used their limelight + coral for note detection that worked pretty well.

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