Pathfinding with Mecanum

I’ve only programmed West Coast drivetrains. Does anyone have any resources for pathplanning with a mecanum drivetrain, on the off-chance my team uses it this year? I’d like to be able to strafe in a path.

I would definitely prefer to use Pathweaver and Jaci’s Pathfinder if possible. Thank you!

Mecanum is rather difficult to use with pathfinder for one specific reason: wheel slip. It’s very difficult to determine where you are when your wheels slip as much as mecanum’s due. IF you wanted to get around this, a spring loaded set of omni wheels have been used by some teams to try and get reasonable feed back for pathfinding.

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That makes a lot of sense. I wonder now how team’s do auto at all with mecanum. Dead reckoning?

Although I doubt my team will use mecanum, I just want to be prepared.

Mecanum’s pretty great from a controls side of things - it’s holonomic so you can straight up just PID your three states (x,y,\theta) along the profile. Though, as @wilsonmw04 said, localization’s the hard part. Sprung omnis is a fairly simple solution, but also if you properly characterize your drivetrain, you should be able to come up with a fairly accurate position estimator. Might take a bit of work, though.

I’ve never done mecanum before, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of this. However, I did remember a thread on here a while back talking about being able to do accurate odometry with mecanum wheels so long as you don’t strafe:

I know the OP wants to strafe, but if you’re unable to use drop-down omnis for some reason then this may be a viable option.


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